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S. Popovic: Think About Your Strategy! (Spanish Version)

Think About Your Strategy!

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skills and conditions

S. Popovic: Skills and Conditions

Srdja Popovic's next tip on nonviolent struggle is about the importance of skills and conditions

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Everyday Rebellion Official Trailer (deutsch)

Watch the new trailer of Everyday Rebellion - the movie! (german/deutsch)

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Everyday Rebellion Trailer (Official)

Watch the new trailer of Everyday Rebellion - the movie!

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John Jackson: Celebrate Your Success!

How to build a broad movement

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How the Yes Men Avoid Going to Jail

Andy Bichelbaum tells us why we won´t be going to jail

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how to

S. Popovic: Making Your Movement In

Learn about the importance of making your movement in!

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S. Popovic: The Role of Leadership

Which role does leadership play in nonviolent struggles?

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S. Popovic: Principles

S. Popovic talks about three principles of nonviolent struggle leading to success.

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S. Popovic: Think About Your Strategy!

Things you must know, if you build a strategy for nonviolent struggle ...

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S. Popovic: Avoiding Violence

Srdja Popovic gives tips about how to avoid violence during your movement.

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S. Popovic: Social Distance

Srdja Popovic explains how we can manage to bridge a social distance.

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S. Popovic: Group Identity

Srdja Popovic talks about the importance of a common culture for an efficient movement

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srdja popo

S. Popovic: Put Your Opponent in a Dilemma!

Think about how to create a response dilemma for your opponent.

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S. Popovic: How to Use Different Triggers for Social Change

Think about how using different triggers in achieveing the social change.

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How To Behave as a FEMEN Activist – Lesson 1

How to Behave as a FEMEN Activist (1)

Watch the first educational FEMEN video and be better prepared if you want to make an action in FEMEN style!

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The Tactics of Movimiento 15-M

Anaïs & María are members of the Movimiento 15-M. They talk about some of their most important tactics.

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Paolo About Movimiento 15-M

Paolo Pistolesi is a member of the Movimiento 15-M and is primarily responsible for the commission "Audiovisión".

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Jeudi Noir – To Go All Out with Humor

Armed with costumes and fake bank notes young Parisians are hitting the city´s real estate scene in a humorous way.

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Ernesto M. Banda About 15-M

Carlos Ernesto Mondada Banda is member of the "Vivienda" commission and the work group "Ocupación" of the Movement 15-M.

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Lexxus Légal on Musician’s Power

›Musician´s power and the art of peace‹

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Ruba Al-Breams Appeal to All Women

›It´s time to speak up!‹

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First Trailer for Our Movie**

Everyday Rebellion Teaser

Download the Everyday Rebellion Trailer

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Ruba Al-Breams Appell an alle Frauen

›Ich habe die Freiheit meine Prioritäten selbst zu bestimmen!‹

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Lexxus Légal (CGO) über die Macht der Musik

›Die Macht der Musiker über die Kunst des Friedens‹

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Livestream as a Weapon / 15-M

Die sternförmigen Protestmärsche der Empörten.

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S. Popovic on Communications

Srdja Popovic about communications in nonviolent protest forms

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S. Popovic on Obedience

"Obedience... try to break the habit!"

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S. Popovic on Humor

"Humor is the key to success against your oppressors!"

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Génération Révolution: Jumana Mustafa

Poète palestino-jordanienne, Jumana Mustafa, milite pour les droits de l’homme et la liberté d’opinion, et se bat pour la démocratie en Jordanie.

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