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Everyday Rebellion en los cines españoles – Everyday Rebellion in Spanish Cinemas Now

El documental se proyectará en más de 50 lugares de España

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Los Indignados Perform Dayglo Flamenco

Los Indignados Perform Dayglo Flamenco

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Students protest tuition fee in Montreal

From Quebec to Spain: Anti-Protest Laws Threaten Democracy

Countries are creating laws to prevent people from expressing their discontent

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Spain – Activists Fight for their Housing Rights

Spain’s housing activists scale up squatter movement ...

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Marco Godoy – The Power of People

Marco Godoy is looking for new ways and actions to confront power ...

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Femen Protest Against Abortion

Get out of my vagina!

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Die Spanien-Rettung – El Rescate a España

Let´s fight for solidarity in Europe!

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Die Spanien-Rettung 2 – El Rescate a España 2

Let´s fight for solidarity in Europe!

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The Tactics of Movimiento 15-M

Anaïs & María are members of the Movimiento 15-M. They talk about some of their most important tactics.

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Movimiento 15-M

Die Taktik von Movimiento 15-M

Die sternförmigen Protestmärsche der Empörten: Movimiento 15-M

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15-M: strategy for active participation

On 15th of May 2011, only one week before the elections, non-violent demonstrations started to occur in Spain. This movement called "Los Indignados" or "Movimiento 15-M", criticizes the socio-economic and political decisions made by the Spanish government.

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