Power to the People

S. Popovic: Power (Spanish Version)

S. Popovic: Power (Spanish Version)

Srdja Popovic's next tip on nonviolent struggle is about how to turn people in power to join the movement

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The 'inflatable cobblestone', designed by the Eclectic Electric Collective

Tools of Protest: Disobedient Objects

A fascinating new exhibition celebrates the most unlikely protest objects ...

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Picidae: Break Through the Internet Censorship (Italian Version)

Everyday Rebellion presents new episode of Creative Resistance ...

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Free Internet Communication: qual.net (Italian Version)

Qual.net allows everyone being independent of internet and cellular networks ...

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28.07.2014: Resist the Eviction of the Pizzeria Anarchia

Let´s prevent the eviction!

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Taiwan’s Student Movement: Sunflowers Against Trade Pact with China

Angry protesters opposed to trade pact with China

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Learning from the Gezi Park Squatters

Everyday Rebellion presents new episode of Creative Resistance series

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The Power of Nonviolent Change: Argentina’s Mothers of the Disappeared

How mothers of disappeared Argentinians challenged the paralysis of fear

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black power

Black power challenges a white Christmas in the Netherlands

While Black Pete figures are still showcased in shops, the Netherlands can no longer ignore the angry and dissident voices of people of color.

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How To Help A Loved One Experiencing Domestic Violence

Learn how to help a loved one experiencing domestic violence

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We Are Many: Home free

A story of how Tim Aye-Hardy evaded and escaped a brutally repressive regime ...

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Picidae: Break through the Internet Censorship

Everyday Rebellion presents new episode of Creative Resistance

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Empowering Women in Afghanistan

Interview with Afghan women's rights activist, Anita Haidary.

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November weekly Protest in Bil’in

The small town of Bil’in near Ramallah in occupied Palestine is well known for one thing: resistance.

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10 Bangkok Rallies That Almost Toppled the Government

Read what political impact rallies really have

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Spain – Activists Fight for their Housing Rights

Spain’s housing activists scale up squatter movement ...

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India’s Gulabi Gang – A Community Effort for All

We need local movements, not more expensive NGOs — India’s Gulabi Gang

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Anonymous “MillionMaskMarch” in London and Around the World

Thousands of people gathered on Guy Fawkes Day to "defend humanity "

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Bulgarian Students Protest for Change

‘Wake up!’ Bulgarian students take to the streets to change [their] future ...

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“Estudiantes por la Libertad” in Chile

Estudiantes por la Libertad Attendees Travel from More than 15 Nations.

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Palestine´s Nonviolent Hope

Palestinian families work together for a better life ...

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Romania – “Not for Sale”

The increasing trafficking of young people and the struggle to save them ...

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Art for Freedom

A platform where anyone is free to express their idea of freedom...

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china-ni-yulan 10.04.12

Ni Yulan Released from Jail

A disabled Chinese activist whose imprisonment caused international concern has been released from prison.

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Malala Yousafzai Nominated for Sakharov Prize

Young girl bringing awareness to women's right for education.

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A Safe Zone for Women

Syrian women organize for security, one tent at a time ...

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Bez názvu

S. Popovic: Social Distance

Srdja Popovic explains how we can manage to bridge a social distance.

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Bez názvu

S. Popovic: Group Identity

Srdja Popovic talks about the importance of a common culture for an efficient movement

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#Block4Trayvon – A Proposal to Block Everything

›Block Everything?‹ A proposal worth considering ...

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babyrev 2

The Next Phase of the Bosnian “baby revolution”

Bosnia: Protesters launch unity movement against the government's political stalemate.

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