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Learn from the Gezi people how to occupy a building (English with Spanish Subtitles)

Occupy - Protest Tip

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S. Popovic: Skills and Conditions (Spanish Version)

Skills and Conditions

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Lara Alcazar, femen spain

La protesta no es un delito, ¡No a la Ley Mordaza en España!

Lara Alcázar, Líder y activista de FEMEN Spain

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Lara Alcazar, femen spain

The protest is not a crime. Stop the Gag Law in Spain!

Lara Alcázar, Leader and activist of FEMEN Spain

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How to Behave as a FEMEN Activist Lesson 1 (English with Spanish Subtitles)

Watch the first educational FEMEN video and be better prepared if you want to make an action in FEMEN style!

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S. Popovic: Think About Your Strategy! (Spanish Version)

Think About Your Strategy!

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The Yes Men: Hiring Unwilling Actors (Spanish Version)

It is very likely that you will get support from actors - like the police - in your protest action if it is well organized.

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S. Popovic: Group Identity (Spanish Version)

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Videos Community Campaign Protest Tips Protest Worldwide

Nazis against Nazis, Wunsiedel

Nazis against Nazis — Extremist rally turned into charity run

Banners and road markings tell the participants of a Nazi rally how much money they raised against themselves.

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All Photo Rights belong to Adam Dean and The New York Times

Ai Weiwei’s Flower Protest

NYTimes interview with Weiwei about his Flower Protest

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Los Indignados Perform Dayglo Flamenco

Los Indignados Perform Dayglo Flamenco

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The Self-Organization of the General Hospital of Kilkis, Greece

the Self-Organization of the General Hospital of Kilkis

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Self-organized Factory VIOME in Thessaloniki, Greece

self-organized factory

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Radio München: Everyday Rebellion zeigt die friedlichen Rebellen

Listen to Everyday Rebellion on Radio München ...

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The 'inflatable cobblestone', designed by the Eclectic Electric Collective

Tools of Protest: Disobedient Objects

A fascinating new exhibition celebrates the most unlikely protest objects ...

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Picidae: Break Through the Internet Censorship (Italian Version)

Everyday Rebellion presents new episode of Creative Resistance ...

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skills and conditions

S. Popovic: Skills and Conditions

Srdja Popovic's next tip on nonviolent struggle is about the importance of skills and conditions

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28.07.2014: Resist the Eviction of the Pizzeria Anarchia

Let´s prevent the eviction!

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Punishing the Victims: A beginner’s guide to the EU and the crises

How the Troika rolls back welfare, social rights and democracy

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Learning from the Gezi Park Squatters

Everyday Rebellion presents new episode of Creative Resistance series

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John Jackson: How to Use Your National Anthem for Your Protest

John Jackson explains how to use your national anthem for your protest.

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Popovic original

S. Popovic: Nonviolence Works Better

Srdja Popovic talking on why nonviolence is the only way to a stable democracy

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The Power of Nonviolent Change: Argentina’s Mothers of the Disappeared

How mothers of disappeared Argentinians challenged the paralysis of fear

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black power

Black power challenges a white Christmas in the Netherlands

While Black Pete figures are still showcased in shops, the Netherlands can no longer ignore the angry and dissident voices of people of color.

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‘Bangkok Shutdown’ Begins in Thailand

Thousands of people have occupied various busy parts of Bangkok

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‘We Are Not Fine!’ Posters Go Viral at South Korea’s Universities

One student's conscience and courage has shaken up the whole country

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Picidae: Break through the Internet Censorship

Everyday Rebellion presents new episode of Creative Resistance

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another world

“Another World” – Documentary about community projects in Greece

Documentary “Another World” about the grassroots initiatives in Greece that form another world - right here, right now!

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Ukrainians Demand Justice for Euromaidan’s Beaten & Jailed Protesters

Helping Bankova prisoners and other victims of repressions ...

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Empowering Women in Afghanistan

Interview with Afghan women's rights activist, Anita Haidary.

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