Ukrainians Demand Justice for Euromaidan’s Beaten & Jailed Protesters

Helping Bankova prisoners and other victims of repressions ...

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Empowering Women in Afghanistan

Interview with Afghan women's rights activist, Anita Haidary.

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Tunisia: ‘You can go to jail for a word or an idea’

Young people in Tunisia want freedom of expression.

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„Everywhere Taksim, Everywhere Resistance!“

See Arnold Pöschl and Hans Hochstöger's portraits of young protestors from Gezi park

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November weekly Protest in Bil’in

The small town of Bil’in near Ramallah in occupied Palestine is well known for one thing: resistance.

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Non-Violent Activist Razan Zaitouneh and her Team Kidnapped in Syria

Most prominent Non-Violent activists and human rights defenders were kidnapped in Syria

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International Human Rights Day – “Write for Rights”

Taking action to protect abused people from around the world.

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Iran Report

The Iran Report

An insight into political, economic and social developments in Iran

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Rev. Billy

Reverend Billy Faces a Year in Prison for JP Morgan Chase Toad Protest

Taking action against investors in greenhouse gas-emitting industries

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10 Bangkok Rallies That Almost Toppled the Government

Read what political impact rallies really have

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Srdja Popovic on Exporting Revolutions

Tutorial on how to export revolutions

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“Lantern” Helps China’s Web Users Dodge Censors Through Trusted Friends

The fight in a censored China using technology to invite friends into a “trust network”

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Digital Activism – A Nonviolent Tool

Study shines light on what makes digital activism effective.

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Bulgaria – “Resign” Is Not Enough

Bulgaria's protests are diminishing, but the country remains in crisis.

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Egyptian Activists Arrested Under New Anti-Protest Law

Egyptian citizens being denied the right to protest and to defend themselves in a civilian court

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Ukraine Protests: Students Join Demonstrations In Kiev Over EU Deal

Ukrainian's pro-European sentiment rises as Russian pressure increases

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Activism Against Gender Violence

”Let’s challenge militarism and end violence against women”.

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Mike Bonanno about Everyday Rebellion

What Mike Bonanno from the Yes Men thinks about Everyday Rebellion.

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Students protest tuition fee in Montreal

From Quebec to Spain: Anti-Protest Laws Threaten Democracy

Countries are creating laws to prevent people from expressing their discontent

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Inna Shevchenko about Everyday Rebellion

Watch what Inna Shevchenko thinks about Everyday Rebellion

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Fighting Pakistan’s YouTube Ban, One Hug at a Time

The fight for freedom and knowledge by a group of concerned citizens

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Hawaii’s Big Island bans GMO

Biotech companies kept away from the main Hawaii’s Island.

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Green Movement

1,000 Days of House Arrest

Three Green Movement Leaders under House Arrest.

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Spain – Activists Fight for their Housing Rights

Spain’s housing activists scale up squatter movement ...

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Bulgarian Students “Sit-In” to Put a Stop on Government’s Corruption

SOFIA, Bulgaria —Protesters believe the time has come to change the world.

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India’s Gulabi Gang – A Community Effort for All

We need local movements, not more expensive NGOs — India’s Gulabi Gang

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free media

Bulgaria: An Ongoing Fight for Freedom of Press

Freedom of the Press still plays a role in Bulgarians daily lives ...

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The Protestor's Manual_geschnitten

The Protestor’s Manual

Learn how to protest from activists of the Balkan region

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The Protestor's Manual_geschnitten

The Protestor’s Manual

Download the PDF "Protestor's Manual" by artists and scientists from the Balkan region

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Yemenis Looking for Action: TEDxSanaa 2013

TEDxSanaa 2013: Actions Matter!

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