S. Popovic: Power (Spanish Version)

S. Popovic: Power (Spanish Version)

Srdja Popovic's next tip on nonviolent struggle is about how to turn people in power to join the movement

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another world

“Another World” – Documentary about community projects in Greece

Documentary “Another World” about the grassroots initiatives in Greece that form another world - right here, right now!

Videos Creative Resistance

Enter the World of Creative Non-Violence. Take Part.

Reverend Billy´s YouTube Videos deleted *

YouTube Censors Reverend Billy

7 Feb 2013 – YouTube deleted Reverend Billy´s Videos. This is his comment on it.

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A cross-media project on creative nonviolent tactics.


Ruba Al-Breams Appell an alle Frauen

›Ich habe die Freiheit meine Prioritäten selbst zu bestimmen!‹

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Everyday Rebellion – Slogans Download

Download Everyday Rebellion Slogans

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›Da bleibt kein Auge trocken‹

11 Jun 2013 – TAZ.de – Eine Protestbewegung der Türkei mal anders: Mit viel Witz und Ironie gegen die Polizeigewalt!

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Ukraine Protests: Students Join Demonstrations In Kiev Over EU Deal

Ukrainian's pro-European sentiment rises as Russian pressure increases

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Stop Hoping. Make it Happen.

Send Us More Examples of Creative Resistance.


Ping Pong Balls for Assad

A great and bouncing way to get a message across.

Images Protest Worldwide

Shower of pepper spray turns woman in a red dress into Turkeyís image of resistance

A Global Symbol of Anti-government Resistance

Ceyda Sungur showered with teargas in Gezi Park as she wanted to defend park from diggers.

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