India’s Gulabi Gang – A Community Effort for All

We need local movements, not more expensive NGOs — India’s Gulabi Gang

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Yakup Cetinkaya: How To Protect Oneself Against Tear Gas (English with Spanish Subtitles)

The Turkish Gezi activist Yakup Cetinkaya explains in the video how to protect oneself from tear gas and how to breath properly.

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Enter the World of Creative Non-Violence. Take Part.

A cross-media project on creative nonviolent tactics.


Women Against Islamism

A Femen protest in Paris, April 3, 2013.

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S. Popovic: The Role of Leadership

Which role does leadership play in nonviolent struggles?

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›Da bleibt kein Auge trocken‹

11 Jun 2013 – – Eine Protestbewegung der Türkei mal anders: Mit viel Witz und Ironie gegen die Polizeigewalt!

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Everyday Rebellion Videoblog: Street Artist Urwa Wants People Power Back

The Riahi Brothers meet street artist Urwa Mehrem, who wants to bring positive change to the street ...

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Stop Hoping. Make it Happen.


Berlinale: Preview of Our New Website

Join the visit to our busy construction site during the Power to the Pixel Panel.

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Ping Pong Balls for Assad

A great and bouncing way to get a message across.

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Send Us More Examples of Creative Resistance.


Gewaltloser Arabischer Hip Hop

Als ›one man crew‹ reimt der jordanische Rapper aus Amman in pazifistischen Versen für eine gewaltfreie Revolution.

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Iran Labour Movements Blog

Check out the blog of the Iran Labour Movement: This blog provides the translation of the news about the labour movement in Iran. Iran-Labour Movement / Iran-Arbeiterbewegung /اخبار جنبش کارگری ایران

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How To Behave as a FEMEN Activist – Lesson 1

How to Behave as a FEMEN Activist (1)

Watch the first educational FEMEN video and be better prepared if you want to make an action in FEMEN style!

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